Data — a new crop for smallholder farmers

AgUnity Farmer Group Training in Kotta Ethiopia


Data is the foundation to development activities as it supports good policy making, transparent accounting and increasing economic activity. The World Bank World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives is the first to focus on the role of data for development. It discusses topics of data ownership, data protection and security and recommends the establishment of a social contract for data to unlock its potential. The social contract is comprised of three elements, value, equity and trust. Value can be viewed through social and economic lenses where social value represents the improvement of human well-being and economic value represents the potential increases in income for the poor and revenue for companies. The report goes on to say that platforms are one of the most transformative data-driven models today as they reduce transaction costs and alleviate market failures by enabling better matching of supply and demand.

Blockchain for good in Ethiopia
Coffee Farmers in Beshasha Ethiopia



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AgriUT is a digital utility token system that engages consumers through direct interactions and a means to reward and thank farmers that grow our food.