With the release of the preliminary agenda for the free-to-attend Virtual Agri-D Convention, being held on the 12th November, there is a lot to get excited about.

With an extensive range of topical discussion over the impact of technology as a tool to support sustainable, inclusive, and more resilient food systems of the future.

The centre stage has been clearly saved to focus the discussion on the human aspects of agriculture and the food industry. Bringing attention to the important role blockchain and other technologies can play in supporting sustainable and social development in all aspects of the sector.

With speakers and panellists from…

By Mark Tsang, AgUnity Head of Data

This is a summary of a report from the Better Than Cash Alliance and World Cocoa Foundation, published in 2020 that examines the “Hidden Costs of Cash to Ghana’s Cocoa Sector”. Authors are Daniel Waldron, Marjolaine Chaintreau and Oswell Kahonde.

Source: https://www.betterthancash.org/explore-resources/the-hidden-costs-of-cash-to-ghanas-cocoa-sectors

Chocolate! What images, sensations and yearnings did that single word conjure up in you?


Celo Camp Incubator by Upright

Cryptocurrency markets have been catching attention for a number of years now and their volatility generates much opinion on their future applicability in financial services. Are they just a speculative investment or a fundamentally innovative way of delivering financial services? …


AgriUT is a digital utility token system that engages consumers through direct interactions and a means to reward and thank farmers that grow our food.

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